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We have reached authorization cooperation with Zhuroko Electronics!
By Jack / February 28, 2023
At the end of 2022, we will negotiate with Shenzhen Zhuoruike Electronic Co., Ltd. on brand authorization cooperation. After several months of contact, we officially confirm the relationship today. We become the authorized distributor of this brand and obtain the rights of sales, distribution, and management of the electronic IC produced by this company
LKR year-end summary meeting!
By Jack / January 29, 2023
The fulfilling 2022 has passed. In the past year, LKR has provided customers all over the world with electronic components sales, after-sales and other services. The details have also been well received by customers. I would like to thank all customers for their strong support. The 2022 year-end conference of LKR is also going on as scheduled.
LKR has successfully joined Optica as an enterprise member!
By Jack / January 11, 2023
Optica Enterprise Members formerly known as the Optical Society of America, as of September 20, 2021, the Optical Society of America (OSA), founded 105 years ago, now has a new name: Optica, reflecting the dramatic changes that have taken place in global optical science and technology in the society's more than 100 years of existence.
LKR joins IPC International Association of Electronic Industrial Connections!
By Jack / January 09, 2023
IPC is a global non-profit electronics industry association, headquartered in Bannockburn, Illinois, USA and headquartered in Shanghai, China. IPC originally stood for "The Institute of Printed Circuit (Printed Circuit Institute)", Later renamed "The Institute of the Interconnecting and Packing Electronic Circuit", In 1999, it was renamed "Associatation Of Connecting Electronics Industries" (Association of Connecting Electronics Industries).
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