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Isocom Components 2004 LTD

Isocom Components 2004 LTD

ISOCOM was established in the United Kingdom in 1982 and has over 30 years of professional experience in optocoupler manufacturing. It is a leading expert in optocoupler production in the UK. Their product range includes standard optocouplers such as TLP521, IS181, IS281, high-speed optocouplers like 6N136, 6N137, IGBT driver optocouplers like ICPL3120, and opto-relays such as ISP06, ISO25, ISP40, ISP60. ISOCOM optocouplers possess notable advantages of "exceptional stability, competitive pricing, and the fastest global delivery lead times". They are fully compatible replacements for corresponding models from other renowned brands like Fairchild, Vishay, Toshiba, and Sharp. These optocouplers are widely applied in various fields including power supplies, electrical instrumentation, industrial controls, inverters, and household appliances.

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