A Comprehensive Analysis of the ICS552R-01LNT Oscillator, Multiplier, and Buffer IC

JACK July 10, 2024


The ICS552R-01LNT is an advanced integrated circuit (IC) developed by Integrated Device Technology (IDT), serving as an oscillator, frequency multiplier, and buffer with 8 outputs. This paper aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the ICS552R-01LNT, focusing on its design, functionality, applications, and performance characteristics. The study will also discuss the role of such ICs in modern electronic systems, particularly in clock distribution networks where precise timing is critical.



The ICS552R-01LNT is a versatile IC that combines multiple functionalities into a single package. This integration is particularly beneficial in applications requiring high precision and reliability, such as telecommunications, computing, and digital signal processing. As technology advances, the need for efficient and compact solutions like the ICS552R-01LNT becomes increasingly significant.

Design and Architecture

The ICS552R-01LNT is designed to offer low skew, high precision, and reliability. It integrates three main functions:

Oscillator: Generates a stable clock signal.

Multiplier: Increases the frequency of the input signal.

Buffer: Provides multiple outputs with minimal delay and skew.

The IC's architecture allows it to support up to 8 outputs, ensuring that multiple components in a system can be synchronized with high accuracy. This feature is essential in applications where timing discrepancies can lead to significant performance issues.

Key Specifications

Frequency Range: The ICS552R-01LNT supports a wide range of input and output frequencies, making it suitable for various applications.

Output Skew: One of the critical parameters is the low output skew, which ensures that the timing difference between outputs is minimal.

Power Consumption: Designed for efficiency, the IC consumes low power, which is crucial for battery-powered and energy-sensitive applications.

Package: The ICS552R-01LNT is available in a compact package, allowing for easy integration into space-constrained designs.


The primary applications of the ICS552R-01LNT include:

Clock Distribution Networks: Ensuring synchronized timing across multiple components in a system.

Telecommunications: Used in base stations and other communication devices to maintain precise timing.

Computing: Integral in processors and memory modules where timing accuracy is critical.

Digital Signal Processing: Used in systems that require precise timing to process digital signals effectively.

Performance Evaluation

In evaluating the performance of the ICS552R-01LNT, several factors are considered:

Frequency Stability: The IC exhibits excellent frequency stability across various operating conditions.

Output Skew: Measurements show that the IC maintains low skew, ensuring minimal timing discrepancies between outputs.

Power Efficiency: The ICS552R-01LNT operates with low power consumption, making it suitable for energy-efficient designs.

Thermal Performance: The IC performs reliably under different thermal conditions, highlighting its robustness in various environments.


The ICS552R-01LNT by IDT is a highly efficient and versatile IC, combining the functionalities of an oscillator, multiplier, and buffer into a single package. Its design ensures high precision, low skew, and low power consumption, making it ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in clock distribution networks, telecommunications, and computing. As the demand for compact and efficient timing solutions grows, the ICS552R-01LNT stands out as a critical component in modern electronic systems.

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